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Sunday, July 25, 2010

IPhone Medical apps

Dr. Steinberg’s recommendations on iPhone/iPod-Touch medical software

HIGHLY recommended and FREE:
drug reference & medical reference, at least as good as ePocrates if not better (has reference stuff on diseases while still free; only ePocrates paid versions have that)
drug database and more, loads slowly
(QxMD software)
has outstanding set of really well-organized calculators which are very well crafted for iPhone interface supported with concise reference info and reference links, includes several key cardiology calculators such as Framingham 10 yr CAD event risk, CHADS2 score and risk, Warfarin bleeding risk, OB due date calculators, excellent dermatome maps, etc.
an overall medical calculator, probably 200 different very useful formulas
ABG & Electrolyte analyzer, not as good as the Palm version because it yields a result rather than walking one through a thinking process while getting to result (a better one is on the way, stay tuned)
PreOp Eval
reference containing the 2007 ACC/AHA cardiac clearance algorithm as well as three extensive additional references on perioperative meds, preop testing, timing of surgery
mini medical dictionary, good for eponymous terms (real medical dictionaries exist, they are quite expensive)
OMM Guide
reference guide for students and practicioners of Osteo-Manipulative Medicine. My D.O. colleagues say it’s a very good app
free, same great set of info as the Palm version, by same folks
narcotics conversion guide, which I haven’t evaluated for accuracy
this is a marvelous resource with all the USPSTF recommendations in very searchable fashion, tons of info
Stat ICD-9 lite
searchable ICD-9 term & code database
ICDMeister lite
another ICD-9 code database, don’t know if it’s any better or worse than that above
EFM Glossary
defines terms and concepts on fetal monitor tracings for quick reference

HIGHLY recommended and CHEAP:
calculates Bishop scores
the entire 2006 STD guidelines from the CDC, excellent resource
STAT Immunization

excellent database of vaccinations, indications, catch-up schedules, as good as Shots2009 from Palm OS

excellent database of vaccinations, indications, catch-up schedules, almost as good as Shots2009 which will come out on iPhone in 2010

over 212 common medical calculations and scoring tools
AF Guide
calculators for risk of stroke, risk of bleed on Coumadin, Coumadin dosing and management protocols, and plenty of reference info on mgmt of acute and chronic Atrial fibrillation; from QxMD, makers of Calculate (great product)

others FREE:
toxicology resource
another toxicology resource
yes, a tiny Snellen eye chart to check visual acuity
ICD-9 pcp
another ICD-9 code reference, not as easily searchable as others

others CHEAP:
very good OB wheel, better than most free versions but surpassed by convenience and price by QxMD’s Calculate app
another thorough immunization database, not as intuitive as ShotRecs or Palm’s Shots2009
“Diagnosaurus” is a neat program which takes symptoms or organ systems and helps one consider dDx (differential dx’es)
if you find tests of color vision with the Ishahara color mosaics entertaining, then this (and others) are very good [hint: test me, you’ll be entertained]

Pneumonia mgmt tool
(1) confusing to use; (2) not educational; (3) produced by pharmaceutical company with BIG ads for Levaquin; (4) not nearly as good as Pneumonia on Palm [humility aside]
this is NOT the JCFCC Coumadin protocol, and thus it may lead to confusion
OB Wheel
only calculates EDC from LMP, not nearly enough functions for routine use

- Posted from my iPhone

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